A photo of Andrew Johns, Founder
Andrew Johns, Founder

Founded by Andrew Johns, in 2015, Larkswood Digital is a web development agency with a strong ethical purpose:


We use our understanding of technology to help ethical organisations achieve their goals. We love working with charities, non-profit and third sector organisations, particularly environmental and educational projects.

Our values

  • Education is a right - society benefits from collective knowledge.
  • People over profit - invest in people.
  • Environmentally friendly - without the planet, we have nothing.

We love to work with people who share those values, inside and outside of our company.

How we do it

We produce websites, web applications and software to high standard. We design, prototype and build through to final production.

We are experienced in a wide range of web technologies. This enables us to choose the right solution based on what's appropriate for you and your users. Whether that's a customised off-the-shelf experience or a completely bespoke system.

We know that a solution isn't just about what technology you use. It also requires good design and user experience. We also work with selected partners on branding and larger projects.

We provide you with all the documentation, training and support that you need.

We can also be there for the entire lifecycle of the project, including regular reviews to ensure it doesn't stand still in the ever-changing world we live in.