Let's talk

First we'll have a free no-commitment consultation. Mostly we'll listen, and ask questions, to get an idea of your business. We can work together to define the problem you need solving, then identify some ways to solve it.

We find it's also good to define some goals and expectations, so that we can measure the success of a project.

Here we'll discuss any potential timescales or limitations you may be aware of, so that nobody is caught out by potential problems later on.

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Once we've got enough information to go on we'll put together a plan, including timescales and the technical solution we propose. We'll probably have a few more questions to iron out more detail here to make sure we are on the same page.

When we're both happy with the plan and the timescales, we'll move onto prototyping and designing.


Prototype and design

We start building the basic concepts, UI and user experience (UX) so that you can get a feel for the moving parts and how it'll look. This is a collaborative process, giving you the chance to review and feedback as we go.

For bigger projects and full branding this process can be quite lengthy. Sometimes this results in stage 3 and 4 overlapping.



When you're happy with the plan and prototypes we'll crack on and flesh out the rest of the project to meet the requirements we've agreed.

We'll provide delivery milestones in line with the agreed schedule so that you can have confidence in the final delivery.



When the times comes to put the project live we'll make sure everything is in place to allow smooth handover or ongoing support, depending on what we've previously agreed.

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