new look or complete rebrand?

small tweaks to complete overhauls

With web design trends changing annually, it's generally expected that a website will undergo a refresh every few years to keep the look and feel up to date.

You do this for two reasons. Firstly, to demonstrate that your organisation is not standing still, and secondly to take advantage of new ideas.

This can sometimes coincide with your organisation going through wider rebranding, new logos and new brand guidelines or repositioning yourself. Perhaps you've hired a third party branding agency to develop this, but need a development agency like Larkswood Digital to take this new branding online. Alternatively, we can work with you and preferred partners from the outset to put together a cohesive design strategy and brand guideline to refresh your company image.

new or improved features

adding value for your visitors by giving them more

Perhaps you've had feedback from your users, or you've thought of an amazing new idea. Or it could just be a hunch that an existing feature could be better.

The first thing we do is look at you want to gain from adding this feature. Setting a goal is a good way to measure whether the project has been a success after launch.

We then look at how best to achieve that goal. Sometimes a much simpler solution can achieve the same result, which can save you money or get more out of your budget.