organic & paid search results

Tried and trusted search engines are still effective.

Even with the rise of social media, search engines can still generate lots of traffic. But the rules they use to rank your site are always evolving. You must review your site if you want to improve and maintain your search rankings. We call this Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The first step is reviewing your current site. Highlighting the problems and suggesting possible improvements.

Some improvements are one-off changes to your website. But maintaining your position requires ongoing effort. It requires research, copy-writing and link building from third party websites. These produce "organic" search results. They rely on the relevance of your website's content and other factors to rank your site.

It's also possible to pay for advertisements within search results. This can be competitive depending on your product/service. To avoid wasting money, hire a team that knows how to deliver cost-effective advertising.

We have solid experience in delivering optimised websites as a first instance. We also work with selected partners to deliver search optimisation and effective pay-per-click campaigns.

social media and social networking

Your online presence no longer stops at your website.

Your brand should exist wherever your customers are likely to be talking about you. Public comments can have an impact on your reputation, both good and bad. You need to take control of those conversations to show high quality customer service. Increasing customer service reputation through your interactions and quick responses.

Your visibility in places like Twitter and elsewhere provides more advertising opportunities for you. They can even be a factor in Search Engine rankings.

As with Search Engine optimisation, there's quite a bit you can do up front as "quick wins". Results improve further if you interact with those other platforms, engaging with potential customers.

Develop your Social Media and Social Networking strategy alongside your website plans. Spend time on brand and content for these channels to deliver a strong online presence.